Deals & Discounts

We know that things for a festival, event, carnival, and fundraiser can add up.  This is why we offer some amazing deals on our party rentals for our clients. We have coupon codes that you can enter at checkout to save a little cash, should you be having quite a large event.  These start at $500 to get the savings. Another, great discount that is offered is Military and Veterans, all we ask is that you e-mail a copy of your military id to us after you submit the party rentals purchase.  My team truly appreciate your service to our country and thank you.


Teachers get the discount too!  We will need to see your id, however, our services are great for schools.  Will also bring our mobile petting zoo which will allow the children to see and touch animals they might not have a chance to be with.  Many children we see have never held a rabbit or know what chickens eat. Our team loves to help educate the kids while having a bit of fun along the way.  And, we also work at many schools for so many reasons from homecoming to fundraisers. Our bounce houses and other party rentals equipment is always a big hit.


And, we don't forget our first responders as well, you get a discount as well.  We do really appreciate you put your service and want to give a little back. All our discounts are designed to help you save a little along the way.